Scientific knowledge can and should be seen as the catalyst for the country’s progress and success through research, development, and innovation. On this basis, it is important for the University of Santiago to define priority research areas that address the needs of the nation, regions, and localities. To meet this challenge, the university has the essential support of the Vice Rector’s Office for Research, Development, Innovation, and Creation which generates and coordinates all the university’s actions in the field of scientific research.


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Excellence in Research

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We promote and manage research to contribute to our country.

Research is one of the most relevant mission areas of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, which through the generation of scientific knowledge and technological innovation, contributes significantly to the achievement of our corporate mission of “creating, preserving, disseminating, and applying knowledge for the good of society.”

We are at the forefront of knowledge and its application. We are inclusive leaders with a diverse community that has placed us in the top 1% of universities of excellence in Latin America. This allows us to promote cutting-edge research connected to the needs of the country.

·      403 active researchers

·      405 active R&D projects

·      1149 Unique WoS + Scopus publications (2020)

·      205 issued patents

·      124 incubated businesses


Our Divisions:

Directorate of Scientific and Technological Research

Directorate of Management and Technology Transfer

Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship