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The University of Santiago offers the student community extensive opportunities to practice and develop physical activity, recreation, and culture at different levels. In this way, the Department of Sports and Culture Management encourages the practice of different sports activities.

Sports Talents Unit

This unit is in charge of organizing, planning, supervising, and controlling the 24 sports teams belonging to the Department of Sports Management and Culture, which represent the University of Santiago in different sports scenarios at the university, federated, regional, and, eventually, international levels. 

During the year, the various teams participate in National University Championships, Regional University Qualifiers, Invitational Tournaments, and friendly matches.

Comprehensive Sports and Cultural Courses

These are practical courses, held every six months. Classes are held once or twice a week, 4 teaching hours in total. These activities are directed by a teacher specialized in each discipline.

General Sports

Sports activities of an internal nature and free participation. All students, from different programs of the University of Santiago, may participate in the championships of the different disciplines. Basketball, volleyball, tennis, and soccer tournaments are held, of which the latter is the most competitive, disputing the General Soccer Trophy. This brings together around 500 students every semester.

There are also sports-recreational activities, collective or individual, such as Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball, Chess, Tennis, Futsal, Baby Soccer Ladies, Weights, Leisure Dance, Spinning, Boulder, among others.

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