Scientific knowledge can and should be seen as the catalyst for the country’s progress and success through research, development, and innovation. On this basis, it is important for the University of Santiago to define priority research areas that address the needs of the nation, regions, and localities. To meet this challenge, the university has the essential support of the Vice Rector’s Office for Research, Development, Innovation, and Creation which generates and coordinates all the university’s actions in the field of scientific research.


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We connect with the needs of Chile and the world. We are aligned with the interests and needs of the country in a grounded way, contributing to the discussions with concrete and creative proposals.

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CBA – Center for Aquaculture Biotechnology

Reference center for research in the areas of biological sciences and technology transfer with emphasis on aquaculture biotechnology, a subject defined by the country as being of strategic importance.


CECTA - Center for Studies in Food Science and Technology

Center for the development of basic and applied research projects in food, as well as technical assistance and technology transfer services through its Research Laboratories, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Room, Microbiology Laboratory and Physical-Chemical Analysis Laboratory. It serves the demand of the public sector and companies in the food industry, both in manufacturing and processes, as well as services.


CEDENNA – Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 

Multidisciplinary research center of excellence dedicated to the study of systems in nanometric dimensions, the development of technological applications, and their subsequent transfer to society.   Its work focuses on the search for innovative solutions to relevant problems for the country, while incorporating in its mission, the support to the formation of human capital of excellence and the dissemination of science to young people, students, and teachers.


CEUS Llanquihue - Center of Studies of the University of Santiago

Center for the development of technical assistance and applied research in the areas of Food Technology, with emphasis on healthy and functional products, to satisfy and support small farmers and companies in the country, respecting the environment and animal welfare. It has the best pilot food extrusion plant in the country and a new pilot dairy plant with unique equipment. Ceus Llanquihue strives to act as a pillar of social responsibility throughout the Llanquihue Lake basin.


CITIAPS - Center for Innovation in Information Technologies for Social Applications

Interdisciplinary research, development, and innovation center that combines Computer Engineering, Psychology, and Human Behavioral Sciences to develop technological applications to improve people’s well-being and quality of life.


CEDETEC - Center for Development, Experimentation, and Transfer of Educational Technology

Multidisciplinary research and development unit, whose main objective is the development, implementation, and operation of training and professional development processes based on professional competencies, through a system of interactive distance learning (SPID/SP), which is based on the latest technology and its cultural recontextualization.


IDEA – Institute of Advanced Studies

The Institute’s fundamental mission is basic research which consequently opens the frontiers of knowledge of a changing world, creates new graduate programs, incorporates current topics, and develops methodologies and points of view in the public debate on the cultivation of multidiscipline.