166 years at the service of the national development

1849 ­- 2015

The Universidad de Santiago community, known as one of the oldest and most traditional universities of higher education in our country, celebrated the 165th anniversary of its foundation.

As a complete and complex University, the Universidad de Santiago develops knowledge in 66 undergraduate careers; it has more than 18,000 students, seven Faculties (Engineering, Humanities, Sciences, Administration and Economics, Chemistry and Biology, Medical Sciences and Technological) which encompass the main fields of knowledge. Our University is moving very quickly towards the quaternary education, i.e. the implementation of new and better graduate programs (Master’s degrees and Doctorates), without considering the numerous courses of specialization and post title imparted through the academic and research units.

Since the tertiary- level education reform in 1981, the Universidad de Santiago  has concentrated its activities in the Metropolitan area. Specifically, its teaching, research and extension are carried out in its own 34- hectare campus, in the traditional and popular Estación Central quarter.

Concerning research, our University has had an outstanding role for its participation and accomplishments in national and international projects, and for the contribution of its academics to the development of different fields of knowledge. Special effort has been given to the relationship between our University and commercial enterprises. Our aim is to closely link our research with the socio-economic needs of the country and with the urgency that the industrial area has to improve itself, and make its productive processes cleaner and healthier for human health.

In the cultural and extension area, a great deal of work has been carried out through a complete season of concerts, exhibit programs, lectures, theatre season, folk music and diverse courses. The extension activities are complemented with several sports events, from different disciplines, that are developed in our own complex facilities, and are offered daily to students, administrative staff, teachers and neighbors.

Summing up, the Universidad de Santiago community -a University whose tradition has been part of the Chilean history since 1849- looks at the future with optimism, learns from its history and projects itself as a higher education institution at the service of people and the Chilean society.