Froemel Foundation

Sr. Ramón Hernández P.

(56-2) 718 3024



The Enrique Froemel K. Foundation is a non- profit institution created on June 20th, 1967 by graduates from the School of Industrial Engineers. The Foundation has Legal Status since June 20th 1967, according to the Decree Nº 1052 of the Ministry of Justice of the Chilean Government.


Its Mission

  • To provide economic help or food assistance to students with academic excellence who need it in order to continue with their studies.
  • To provide stimuli to students who excel at their academic, labor performances and personal conditions.
  • To develop all initiatives that lead to the prestige and formation of the engineers graduated in the institution, in their professional, spiritual, cultural and intellectual qualities.


Foundation Collaborators

  • Alumni
  • Academics
  • Administrative personnel
  • Enterprises and people (subject to the Law Nº 18.861 tax discount)
  • Organizations and Organized Groups (in Memory of people or landmarks)
  • Private people, engineers and professionals from other universities