University Directorate

Héctor Kaschel C.

This is the most important collective authority. Its main role is to supervise and approve the global policy for the development of University of Santiago, the medium and long -term plans, the organic structure of the institution and its modifications; the creation and modification of academic degrees and professional titles, the annual budget of our institution, the appointment of senior directors, among other important matters for the University.


The members of the University Directorate


  • Mr. Héctor Kaschel C.



  • Ms. Alejandra Krauss V.
  • Mr. Guillermo Vera M.
  • Mr. Alejandro Urzúa M.
  • Mr. Fernando Agüero G.


Usach President

  • Mr. Juan Zolezzi Cid


Guest: Usach General Secretary

  • Mr. Gustavo Robles Labarca