Institute of Advanced Studies (IDEA)

Ms. Olga Ulianova

Román Díaz 89, Providencia

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The Universidad de Santiago created, under Decree Nº 228, 04-27,1993, the Institute of Advanced Studies (IDEA in Spanish), with the aim of offering academic reflection and research about public interest matters. Thus, IDEA constitutes a space of analysis, ideas and creativity interchange, whose purpose is to provide answers or ask questions about the challenges of the contemporary society in our country, Latin America and the international field, in general.

Going beyond the contingency, its attention will focus on reflections about the historical past, recent or distant, and also on the possibility of finding out about the future sceneries that are getting closer. Such purposes are carried out within the framework of an open and pluralist character, which is inherent in the Universidad de Santiago, and always from an interdisciplinary perspective, with the aim of articulating elements of dynamic analysis that might be useful for the public discussion.



The Institute is an academic unit that is part of a contemporary and complex University which is improving its academic structure.

The Institute has the fundamental mission of basic investigation and, consequently, it opens the borders of knowledge in a world of transformation, creates new graduate programs, incorporates current issues, and develops methodologies and points of view in the public debate about the cultivation of multidiscipline.



To combine the advanced, basic or applied interdisciplinary research with higher education and the participation in the public debate at a national or international level, positioning the Universidad de Santiago in new fields of knowledge and public discussion. To permit, in turn, the interchange and projection of its human capital with institutions and people of the scientific community.


Objectives of IDEA

  • To constitute itself as an instance for the elaboration and achievement of interdisciplinary projects.
  • To be a University contribution to the national public discussion.
  • To offer an appealing space to the academic community and take advantage of its calling capacity and projection in the scientific (social) field.
  • To become a top level space of academic training and projection to the community.


IDEA Trajectory

IDEA, as an academic unit for more than a decade, carries out basic, advanced and inter-disciplinary research and studies, in the field of social knowledge, in order to contribute to the national debate and aim at getting assertive answers to some of the multiple problems that the contemporary society faces.


IDEA’s areas of academic and intellectual work

  1. International Studies

  • Latin America (and neighbors)
  • Asia Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, etc.)
  • Europe (West and East)
  • Non-state actors
  • Cultural Aspects of the international relations
  • Security and Defense Studies
  1. Thought and Culture

  • History of ideas in America
  • Latin American Culture
  • Religions and Fundamentalisms
  • Cultural hermeneutics
  • Cultural Management
  • Relevant cultures for Latin America: Amazon/ Africa
  • Cultural orientations for Science and Technology
  • Originating and popular cultures 
  1. Social and Development Studies

  • Migrations
  • Social networks and citizenry
  • Social movements and populism
  • Studies about the youth
  • Studies about the Indigenous World
  • Studies about gender
  • Sustainable Development and Environment
  • Public policies (poverty, justice, health)