Foreigners Admissions

The students who have attended, at least, the last year of Secondary Education, or its equivalent, abroad, regardless of their nationality, can apply for undergraduate studies to the University, up to a maximum of four careers. The application deadline will be the first two weeks of December. Those interested can get the Application Form from the Secretariat of Teaching Direction or download it from this web.*The definite selection will depend on the decision of the University. 

Application Requirements

  1. No more than two years after finishing the secondary education.
  2. The admissions documents for foreigners who have studied secondary education abroad are:
  • Evaluations certificate or secondary education grades or its equivalent.
  • Certificate stating that the applicant can apply to any university in the country where he/she finished the secondary education.
  •  Birth certificate.
  • Sworn statement setting forth that the applicant has not entered any Chilean university.
  • Sworn statement setting forth that the applicant can afford his/her studies in Chile.
  1. In those cases in which the documents mentioned in the previous point are written in a foreign language, they must be accompanied by the corresponding official translation to Spanish by a competent institution from the original country, or by the Chilean Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores.
  2. The applicants’ selection is carried out on the basis of a study background contest among the applicants, according to their secondary education grades, the priorities in their careers applications, and the assigned places for each one of them. For this reason, the evaluation certificates must point out the applied grading scale and the minimum passing grade.
  3. The application forms are received until the end of the first fortnight of December.



1.   To have the request (you can get it at the Academic Vice Presidency downloaded from the web).2.   To buy stamps for a value of 22.000 Chilean pesos in the University’s Department of Finances (they must be paid in the request).3.   To take the documents to the Receipt, Registration and Distribution of Official Documents office. Information: Academic Vice Presidency, Casa Central 2nd floor, telephone: (56-2) 718 0108.