Syntagma Musicum

Alejandro Reyes


Alejandro Reyes started his musical studies at the Conservatorio de Música de la   Universidad de Chile.  At 18, he settled in Germany where he learned about Sacred Music and Sound Engineering at the Detmold School of Music in Westphalia.

In 1982 he founded the vocal group Collegium Josquin and in 1983 he assumed the United Nations- Cepal’s chorus direction. With this chorus, he has developed a vast work within the field of American integration.

Due to his outstanding career he has been invited to direct the following groups:  Orquesta de Cámara de la Universidad Católica, Orquesta de Cámara de Chile, Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile, Orquesta Clásica de Santiago, Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Juvenil  and  Orquesta de Cámara de la Universidad de Atacama.

The Syntagma Musicum antique music group was created in 1978 and incorporated to this institution in 1980.

Since then, and without any interruption, the group has been carrying out a research and diffusion work of the pre-classical European and American repertoire, with a special focus in the study and research of the Antique Music in the American-Baroque repertoire.

Its nucleus is formed by four prestigious instrumentalists: Alejandro Reyes (harpsichord), Julio Aravena (viola da gamba), Miguel Aliaga (viola da gamba), Hernán Muñoz (baroque violin), Franco Bonino (sweet flute), and Gonzalo Cuadra (singing). They have carried out academic, artistic and research activities of national and international importance such as medieval repertoire and contemporary musical compositions, in association to national and foreign artists, instrumentalists, singers, dancers and choreographers.

In these last years the group has performed world premiers, among which the works “Prohibited Masses”, “The Passion according to St. Mark” and the record  “Debut and Record The Purple of the Rose, 1st Opera of the New World”, together with a number of compositions of viceroy period’s music, tours and recordings.


Music Records

  • “Medieval and Renaissance Music from France, England, Spain and Chilean Coloniales”. Cassette Universidad de Santiago de Chile, 1983.
  • “The music in the time”. Cassette. Universidad de Santiago de Chile, 1991.
  • “The Art of Variation”. Sello Alerce CD, /Universidad of Santiago de Chile, 1993.

Download: Recercado I- D. Ortiz 1.8 MB.

  • “From Baroque to classicism in the viceroy period’s America”. CD. Usach, Syntagma Musicum of the Universidad of Santiago de Chile, 1995.

Download: Divertimento VII  4.5 MB.

  • “First Festival of American Baroque and Renaissance Music Misiones de Chiquitos”. CD. Usach. Sello Cantus, Bolivia, 1996.
  • “Second Festival of American Baroque and Renaissance Music Misiones de Chiquitos”. CD. Usach. Sello Cantus, Bolivia, 1998.
  • “American Viceroy Period Music”. CD. Syntagma Musicum and Ars Nova de Mexico, 1997.

Download: Ay andar, a cantar, a tocar 4.4 MB.

  • “Music in the Jesuit Missions of the Araucania in the XVIII century”. CD. Fondart-Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Syntagma Musicum and Children Chorus of the Huilliche Community of Chiloé, 1998.

Download: Vau Mlei 3.9 MB.

  • “The Purple of the Rose, 1st Opera of the New World”. Year 1701. Compact Disc,   Editorial Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Solistas, Syntagma  Musicum, 2000. 

Download: Comienzo Escena 3 4.0 MB.