The Technical Pedagogical Institute

This Institute was founded in 1944 on the basis of the pedagogical courses that had existed since 1908: Geography and Economic History; Mathematics and Accountancy, and Mercantile Experts. Later, Commercial Writing, Shorthand, Typing, Publicity and Sales, and Business English were added. Also, some courses dedicated to Female Technical Teaching were included. In this way, an answer was given to the pedagogical requirements from the technical- professional teaching that had increased considerably.

The mission of the Technical Pedagogical Institute was established in its Internal Rules: “to form the teachers for the professional education in Chile, and specially to provide the technical and economic guidance that characterizes this field. The social and civic guidance provided to future teachers aims to form the personality of the true teacher: dynamic and achievement- oriented, with eagerness for perfection, spirit of responsibility, social and solidarity service and solid moral foundations.”

Later, the Technical Pedagogical Institute, whose first director was Eliodoro Dominguez, became part of the State Technical University and, at present, the Faculty of Humanities is its inheritor.