Center of Research in Creativity and Higher Education (CICES)

Sr. Mario Letelier Sotomayor
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The mission of the Center is to contribute to the understanding of the phenomena that accompany the development and the application of the creativity on people and institutions, particularly on matters related to Higher Education and its impact in the national development.

The CICES contributes actively to the reflection of border issues, fundamentally related to the development of innovation capacities and improvement of the institutional and teaching activities. Within this context, one of its fundamental purposes is to develop a capacity of foreseeing and interpreting the short and long- term tendencies experienced in the field of Higher Education, so as to generate a positive connection between the Universidad de Santiago and the relevant external context.

This mission is accomplished by taking care of the values declared by the University: Multi- disciplinarity and Diversity, Creativity and Innovation, Contribution to National Development, Contribution to the Development of People, Quality and Integrity.

Through the functions of research, studies, consultancies, training and extension, the Center of Research in Creativity and Higher Education deals with problems and matters that are interesting for diverse institutions. The main current areas of work are:

  • Evaluation of careers and institutions
  • Academic management topics
  • Innovative Education
  • Engineering Education
  • Creative Processes
  • Effective Intelligence and Learning
  • Teaching in Applied Mathematics
  • Research in Engineering Sciences

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Center of Research in Creativity and Higher

Education – CICES. Self-Evaluation Program

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