Center of Innovation in Educational Technology and multipurpose classrooms complex (Citecamp)

Héctor Ponce Arias

Las Sophoras Nº 175

718 0300



The Center of Innovation in Educational Technology and Multipurpose Classrooms Complex –CITE-CAMP is one of the largest educational places the Universidad de Santiago has.


Vision, Mission

Its Vision is to be a leader organization in the application of technologies for the educational system.

Its Mission is to strengthen the teaching quality in all its levels, by creating and innovating in the education systems in order to optimize the teaching/learning processes.

Its “Virtual Room” is available for students and teachers’ creation and management of e-learning courses, and for a set of training activities about learning how to use the virtual platform and other related technologies such as simulation software, scientific calculus, statistics data treatment, with the aim of adopting and innovating in teaching technologies and modernizing the teaching/learning at the University.


Internal Services

1. Production of teaching support means: videos, tapes, audio tapes, CD-ROM, educational programs, etc.

2. Means updating: purchasing of hardware and software for educational applications.

3. Library of technological means:   data base storage.

4. Consulting service: permanent technical and consulting support to all academics in the task of preparing teaching support products.

5. Improvement: development of courses, seminars and lectures about the development and use of multimedia equipment, products and modern instructional material.

6. Students service: the center will have rooms specially equipped with modern technology that can modify the learning environment and encourage all the senses.


External Services

1. Distance education: the Center will provide the necessary technological means for dictating distance interactive courses.

2. Organization of events: the Center will organize seminars, lectures and courses that permit the acquisition and sharing of different experiences and knowledge in the application and use of computing tools for improving the teaching quality.

3. Technical assistance: the Center will provide service to external institutions and people in the elaboration of multimedia material for diverse applications, training courses, project assistance, etc.



A three-floor building with a surface of 4.000 m2. A structure on the basis of a main, hierarchical and longitudinal axis of central circulation that orders the functions in both wings of the building and facilitates the people’s flow without disturbing the functional uses. It has a joining point acting as a sign that relates the interior spaces and concentrates the teaching activity and facilitates the students meeting.


Multimedia equipment

  • A videoconference room with national and international multipoint connection.
  • An auditorium for holding seminars and events.
  • Computing laboratories.
  • Classrooms equipped with modern, technological, audiovisual and communicational resources.