Center of Innovation and Technological Transference (INNOVO)

Luis Lino 
General Director

(56-2) 718 4700

(56-2) 718 4715






INNOVO is a platform that promotes, articulates, manages, negotiates, and commercializes innovation projects and technological development together with institutions and public or private associations -national and/or international- generating high technological, economic and social impact.      



Be a leading center and a national and international reference point that promotes and manages innovation processes and technological development in order to favor the entrepreneurship culture and the innovation, and contribute to the development of society.



  • To accelerate and develop the creation rate of new enterprises with high growth potential.

  • To generate interchange spaces of available technological knowledge, so as to enrich the process of individual and organizational learning.

  • To facilitate and catalyze the process of adoption and knowledge absorption and technological practices available for their introduction in the enterprise.

  • To strengthen the enterprises competition through sustained increases of total productivity of the factors, with emphasis in the human capital.

  • To manage and monitor the project execution, with the aim of giving a permanent assistance during the life cycle of the project.

Technological Services

  • Technological Transference  
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation
  • Technological Diffusion
  • Tracking of Projects
  • Formation and Technological Development​