The Madrigalist Chorus

Rodrigo Díaz


Rodrigo Díaz studied at the Universidad de Chile’s Faculty of Arts where he got the degrees of Senior Performer in Classical Guitar. He is the director of the Universidad de Santiago’s Madrigalist Group since 2003.

He has performed in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia and at present he is a teacher at the Universidad de Chile’s Faculty of Arts.

He has specialization studies in lute, baroque guitar, theorbo, Antique Music and Choral Direction in Chile and abroad.

As part of his trajectory as Chorus Director, he has been Director of the INP Chorus, the Buin Municipal Chorus, the Usach Students Chorus, and the Usach Chamber  Chorus, the present Madrigalist Chorus of the Universidad de Santiago.

The Madrigalist Chorus wants to rescue and take the legacy from Renaissance music until contemporary music closer to the University community through the performances of works such as “St. Mark Passion” by J. S. Bach; the Oratorio “Jephte” by Carissimi; the “American Colonial Anthology”; “Singing Authors from Ibero-America” and the “Cycles of Spanish and Chilean Romances”, these last two written especially for the group by the composer Tomás Lefever, etc.

The group has performed in different musical seasons such as the “Easter’s Choral Gathering” of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, “the Chamber Music Cycles” at the Centro Cultural Montecarmelo, “Grupo Cámara Chile’s Choral Concerts” at the Teatro Municipal, “Calera de Tango’s Sacred Music Festival”, the “Villarrica Musical Seasons” and at “the International Chorus Festival” in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

At present, the group is formed by twelve singers and its permanent job includes presentations at the Concerts Seasons of the Universidad de Santiago, together with the Usach orchestra and the group Syntagma Musicum of the same University.