Vice Presidency of Outreach and Engagement

Sergio González Rodríguez

Vice President

Location: Edificio CENI-VIME

Telephone number: 2 718 87 03

E-mail address:

ViME’s website


The Vice Presidency of Outreach and Engagement (ViME, in Spanish) is responsible for orienting and systematizing the wide range of outreach and engagement activities with the community, including the ones organized by the units that form the ViME or by the departments, units and programs that work together to implement the Outreach and Engagement Policy of our University. All these actions have goals and purposes that cross the University and society and respond to both the institution’s history and to the plans of expansion, development and dissemination of the University activities. All members of the University community are responsible for carrying and transmitting the institutional values and imprint.

The ViME’s coordination team is the institutional channel for managing the relations between the University and the community through specialized units and departments, including the Department of Extension, Department of International and Inter-University Relations (DRII, in Spanish), Department of Communications, Department of Continuing Education, Editorial Department, Unit of Relation with Enterprises (CEDES, in Spanish), Graphic and Audiovisual Documentation File (DGA, in Spanish), and the University Social Responsibility Program (RSU, in Spanish); and also, the Planetarium Foundation, Universidad de Santiago Alumni and Friends Foundation (FUDEA, in Spanish), and the Universidad de Santiago de Chile Cultural Corporation.